How to Set Up a Virtual Walking Challenge: A Comprehensive Guide [2023]

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Are you looking for a new way to stay motivated and engage with your friends, family, or colleagues while walking? A virtual walking challenge may be just what you need! Our team at Walkathon Virtual™ has created a comprehensive guide to help you set up a virtual walking challenge that's perfect for you and your group!

What is a Virtual Walking Challenge?

A virtual walking challenge is a fun and engaging way to motivate yourself and others to get moving. Participants set a common goal for distance traveled while walking or running over a specified period. Everyone records their progress, and the results are then compiled to see who reached the goal first or which person or team traveled the most distance. Virtual Walking challenges can be individual or team-based, for personal health or charity fundraising efforts, at any time of year, and at your comfort level!

Virtual Walking Challenge Ideas

  • Pedometer Challenge: Try to walk or run 10,000 steps each day.
  • A Race-Across-the-USA: See how fast you can cross the United States.
  • Trivia Walking Challenge: Stop and answer questions at pre-determined kilometers/miles apart.
  • Virtual Themed Locations Challenge: Walking through Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Castle (on a map).
  • Geocaching Walking Challenge: Using map coordinates and a list of challenges for scavenger hunt type experience while walking.

How to Set up Your Virtual Walking Challenge

Step 1: Define the Challenge Purpose

The first step to set up a virtual walking challenge is to define the challenge's purpose. Is the goal to improve personal fitness or to raise money for a charity? Or perhaps to bring your team or community together in a fun way. Once you have a clear purpose, you can determine the type of challenge that will best meet your goals.

Step 2: Set Up the Challenge Rules

After you decide the purpose of your virtual walking challenge, it's time to set up some ground rules. For instance, is it an individual challenge, or are there different teams? What is the distance goal? What time frame would be best? And how much would participants track the physical activities, by manually recording or using a tracking app? Once you've set your guidelines, make sure you communicate them clearly to all participants.

Step 3: Choose a Tracking Method

Now that you have a purpose and the rules, it's time to choose how you'll track each participant's progress. You can use a pedometer, a fitness tracking app, or an activity tracker like Fitbit. Make sure that your method of tracking is convenient and practical.

Step 4. Create an Online Central Place

You need a central location where challenges are announced, progress is tracked, and where there are leaderboards in real-time, providing healthy competition in a fun, virtual environment. Create a group on Facebook, or WhatsApp or even launch a website, or use a free event management program for advanced features. If your purpose is to raise money, your event could often link with a crowdfunding site like GoFundMe.

Step 5. Engagement and Motivation

One of the reasons virtual walking challenges are so popular is the social aspect. Participants from different locations are able to participate and share their progress. Encourage participants to share photos, stories, testimonials, as they walk or run, and have fun with it. By offering encouragement, incentives, and prizes at virtual checkpoints, you can help keep everyone motivated.

Step 6. Analyzing and Sharing results

After the challenge is complete, don’t simply let the results go unnoticed. Analyze the results as they relate to the purpose of the competition. Share achievements and testimonials throughout your group, social media channels, or a company’s intranet. Consider hosting an award ceremony, and share photos and stories of your journey and victory.

Virtual Walking Challenge Benefits

There are many personal and group benefits to a virtual walking challenge, such as:

Personal Benefits

  • Improved physical health and fitness
  • Enhanced focus and clarity
  • Increased motivation to set and achieve new goals.
  • Striving for a shared objective, which boosts accountability.

Group Benefits

  • Community building around a shared goal.
  • Increased teamwork mentality and motivation among colleagues.
  • Building fun company culture and morale.
  • Participation in a cost-effective and healthy program, which may lead to lower sick days.


What is a virtual walking challenge?

A virtual walking challenge is an online event in which participants walk or run a set distance in a specified time. It can be individual or team-based, for personal health or charity fundraising efforts, at any time of year, and at your comfort level!

How do I track a group walking challenge?

The best way to track progress is to use fitness-tracking apps or pedometers which record steps. Then, a designated tracker or tracking app should be used to store each participant's results in one location.

How does the walking challenge work?

After choosing a challenge goal and setting the rules, you’ll record your daily performance through your tracking app or manually recording, updating the tracking uploads to the online group for analysis. After the challenge is complete, achievements and successes can be shared with all participants.

Quick Tips and Facts

  • Encourage accountability by creating a set number of steps a day and allowing participants to share their completion of that number.
  • Conduct the challenge for a set duration of time to help improve focus and make the challenge more manageable.
  • Virtual walking challenges can be done on an app with friends, or as a company-wide challenge promoting team-building from a distance.
  • Walking patterns, distances, and calorie burn differ based on personal factors like weight and height. Certified professional personal trainers can assist in creating a comprehensive coaching plan tailored to you and your team's physical level and health status.

Now that you have learned the basics of setting up a virtual walking challenge, why not start one yourself? Join the thousands of participants who have become healthier and more engaged through virtual step challenges. Our team at Walkathon Virtual™ is confident you’ll enjoy this challenge. Start your planning today!

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Virtual walking challenges are a fun, engaging way to stay motivated on your fitness journey. With our comprehensive guide, you have everything you need to set up a virtual walking challenge that can include everyone, everywhere, and make it enjoyable. Our team at Walkathon Virtual™ recommends selecting a challenge that everyone can enjoy. By setting clear objectives, boundaries, and coaching support in place, an engagement job well done will have benefits that can last for years to come!

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